About Us

  • East Coast Diversified Corporation (ECDC:OTCBB) was acquired in April 2010 by EarthSearch Communications a GPS service provider. Since acquisition the company converted its primary business from Restaurant to technology with the GPS operation of EarthSearch.

    Since April of 2010, and the acquisition by EarthSearch, ECDC has embarked on developing as a technology company and creating new products and division while improving the EarthSearch product offering to the market.

    Three years since acquisition the company was in R&D phase. During this period we developed:
    • 3 distinct technology divisions
    • 2 proprietary technologies:
             1. wireless communications between GPS & RFID (comprising of several GPS, RFID and Cargo locking devices)
             2. “JoinMe” for our social media division
    • An entire group of web assets, comprising of 5 major proprietary “Software” for the operation and management of our businesses.

    Proprietary software:
    • Vir2o - Social media platform
    • GATIS – Global Asset Tracking and Identifications System (Logistics business)
    • CARAS – Customs And Revenue Authority System (Ports and revenue collection)
    • StudentConnect – Student Transportation and Safety technology
    • SCAAP – StudentConnect Advertisement Aggregation Platform.


    During the last 3 years the Company’s focus was on redesigning all of the products and operation of EarthSearch by creating the world’s first wireless communications between GPS & RFID. Developing other divisions to diversify its business portfolio and give it a longer sustainability and success.

    EarthSearch technology is designed to address management of cargo in transit. While continuing in its R&D efforts, it also committed to building a global distribution network in anticipation of launching its product globally.

    Some of the solutions offered by the company include oil tanker monitoring, transit cargo solution, military logistics etc. EarthSearch has partners and distributors in over 6 countries including the US where it expects to begin generating revenue for the EarthSearch operation.

    StudentConnect launched its school transportation technology division in April 2013 using ECDC proprietary wireless communication between GPS and RFID to monitor students getting on or off the School bus. The system provides instant notification to schools and parents about students riding on the school buses, anomaly such as student getting off the bus on or off the bus at the wrong location is instantly detected. Solution is delivered to schools and parents at no cost. The messages are funded through advertisers who sponsor each message sent to the parent about their child. The first pilot installation of StudentConnect was installed at Gordon County School District in Georgia in April 2013.

    On April 5th 2013 ECDC launched its 3rd division Vir2o an interactive social media platform. The company entered the social media space with a proprietary technology called “JoinMe” which would allow users to engage each other interactively. The Company’s primary objective is to create a more engaging social media platform with relevance to commerce on the internet. Vir2o is the first social media platform with fully integrated E-commerce solution allowing multiple users to congregate in a marketplace and shop together or allow family and friends to go to the movies, play music, watch concerts or view photo together regardless of distance or location.

    www.eastcoastdiversified.com   www.earthsearch.us   www.studentconnect.us   www.vir2o.com